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Gamecation 2010

Gamecation 2010 published on No Comments on Gamecation 2010

A blog post from August 30th, 2010

Yes, the much vaunted Gamecation 2010 is here.  I’ve taken a week off from work and plan to squander it by playing video games.  A lot.  I plan to finish at least four games within five days.  There are some who said it couldn’t be done (e.g. Donny) but I am set to prove them wrong.  Them being Donny.

Here are the games I plan to play from start to completion:

  • Sin and Punishment 2: Star Successor
  • No More Heroes 2
  • Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

All the while, I will be tweeting my progress at  Afterwards, I will be doing a podcast on my experiences and my thoughts on each game.  I also have a regular episode of UAP that is half edited that I hope to get out soon as well.

If I get time, I will play more games.  I may put up a poll so you can vote on the last game for me to attempt.

If this test run goes well, I plan to do this next year as well, but with video streaming.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get that set up in time for this run through.

And now, Gamecation commences!