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Episode 97 – Abra Cadaver

Episode 97 – Abra Cadaver published on No Comments on Episode 97 – Abra Cadaver

The 97th episode of Up a Paddle, as posted on August 2nd, 2010

This week I talk about the “Our Body: The Universe Within” exhibit currently at the Saskatchewan Science Center and not much else.   Information on the exhibit can be found at

EDIT: In this episode I said the adult human body had 213 bones. I meant to say the infant human body has 213 and the adult body has 206.

Videos of Interest:

The Skeleton Dance

Yeah, it doesn’t take much to get me to post that video.

Them Dry Bones – As Performed by the Wiggles

Now that’s infotainment!. That song is sure a lot more religous than I remember it in school.

Contact Info
You can email me at or check out my twitter at

Promotional consideration given to:
Fightbait Podcast
– I miss the old promo because riffing on “It’s like the pie” never gets old for me. For instance, it’s like the pie … ok, well I have nothing this time, but next time, boy howdy I’ll … probably have nothing then too.

Eeeper’s Choice – Eeeper played my promo on his last episode. Yay! But he also called me a neophyte. Booh! Technically, I’ve been at this podcasting racket a few months longer than you Eeeper. My show may not be good but it is old. And how! Bearing that in mind, feel free to call me sempai or Doctor Of Podcasting Excellence.

Anime Pacific – Although I didn’t play their promo this time, I’d be remiss if didn’t link to this podcast given all the mentions I gave to it in this show.  Also, I’m afraid of what Dane might do to me if I don’t.  If I’m not back in a couple months, tell my family that I love them and that I’m part of a lovely display.

Musical Accompaniment
The song played was Good Looking Corpse by Sunspot

Thanks for listening

Photo credit: RichDelux / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND