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Episode 57 – All You Need Is Ai

Episode 57 – All You Need Is Ai published on No Comments on Episode 57 – All You Need Is Ai

The 57th episode of Up a Paddle, as posted on August 31st, 2008

This episode I talk about freaky contact lenses, superhero anime, and the anime podcast drought (there’s a drought because I say there’s one).

I also review the anime Planetes (and mispronounce the name several times)

Anime Contact Lenses – Check out the picture at the link.  It looks like she’s staring into your soul.

Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero IV will have peripheral compatibility

Superman Reboot – Looks like they are trying really hard to screw this one up again.

Tiger Woods walking on water.  The video pretty much explains it all.

Here’s a link to the video I mentioned.

Iron Man and Wolverine anime on the way.

Rumor: The Muppets coming back to TV?

Next, I talked about what I’m watching.  And that is The Middleman.  Seriously, check this show out.  Good stuff.

The promos played this episode were:
Viga the Otagal –
Otakugeneration –
Fanboyhell –

The songs played were:
Space Monkey by Jim Hodgson

and Anime Eyes by Blip Blip Beep was briefly heard
Blip Blip Bleep
“Anime Eyes” (mp3)
from “Wireless”
(Undercover Culture Music)

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Good one Kent! Now you’ve just ruined my marriage. I turned totally gay after listening to your background music 😉 Dane Scaysbrook 9/4/2008
8:50 PM
Hey Kent we should trade anime… You have Cats eye right?? We should burn each other some anime and do a trade in the mail perhaps?…. I have a lot of anime you might like let me know ,email me Regan 9/8/2008
3:22 AM

Photo credit: San Diego Shooter / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND