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Episode 2 – The Podcast Strikes Back

Episode 2 – The Podcast Strikes Back published on No Comments on Episode 2 – The Podcast Strikes Back

Episode 2, as it was originally posted on March 27th, 2006.

Hi, I was astonished by all the downloads I received this week. Please email to give me some feedback so I can tailor the show. Please forgive the audio quality as I’m working out some issues.

Email! Awesome!
– I read spam because I didn’t get any real email.
– Please send in email to Even if it’s to say the show sucks, give me something. Also Pete needs pirate questions.
– Going to set up skype so people can leave me voice mail, can play it on the air. I should have that set up by next week. Check for this.

Random Fact
– The faster a kangaroo hops, the less energy it burns!

– TV News

– Bad News Everyone – Futurama news last week was false. Billy West had incorrect info. Direct to DVD movies still a go.
– More bad news – Simpsons renewed for another season. Just let the show die, already

– Movie News

– Snakes on a Plane going for reshoots to have additional scenes added to it. Will now be R Rated and include the line “There are Melon Farming Snakes on the Melon Farming Plane!” Of course Melon Farming will probably be replaced with a stronger explictive

– Video Game news

– GDC Conference was held in San Diego

– Sony

– PS3 Delayed until November
– PS3 discs will be region free. Yay importing.
– PS3 will act as media server which will stream to your PSP – PS1 and PS2 games will be available for download – PS1 games will be able to be played on the psp,
– Music and movies will also be downloaded for PS3
– 60 GB harddrive – standard
– Rubber Ducky demo – if the system ships with this, I’ll be obligated to buy a PS3

– Nintendo

– New Legend of Zelda game for the DS
– Sega and Hudson games will be available for download.
– Download store will be like iTunes, and it sounds like any developer can put original content up for cheap
– What they didn’t announce – new name for Revolution, any Rev games, any demos, any pictures, final secrets of the system.
– More to come from E3, natch

Random Fact
– The inventor of Vaseline, Robert Chesebrough, ate a spoonful of Vaseline every morning. He lived to 96 years old

Conspiracy Theory Corner
– Futurama episodes are a go, Billy West just jumped the gun.
– TV Shopping with friend. Noticed some tv’s had better signals than others. Is this on purpose? I say yes
– Next week Was Nessie an Elephant?

Random Fact – as presented by the Question from Justice League – The tiny tips on your shoes are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister

– Change the nature of the reviews, the will more or less be recommendations from now on
– TV – This Week – Shows you should be watching

– Corner Gas (Season 1 and 2 now out on DVD)

– Anime Recommendations

– Irresponsible Captain Tylor

– Video Game

– Donkey Konga

Random Fact
– Ears of corn always have an even number of rows of kernels.

The Angry Dome
– Commercials at the theater – unskippable commercials in DVD’s
– Commercials in games

Random Fact
– Kleenex tissues were originally used as filters in gas masks.

Podcast Pete
– Doing the Mangled Joke of the Week for Kent. Will be back next week with actual questions

– Did you see the pirate movie. It was rated ARRR! –
This pirate walks into a bar with a big ship’s wheel down his pants. The bartender says, “Excuse me, sir, but do you know you have a ship’s wheel down the front of your pants?” And the pirate says… Aaargh, it’s driving me nuts!!

Recommended Podcast of the Week – Josh In Japan (

Ending MP3 – Sound Scientist by Bill /a>

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