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Episode 108 – Late Expectations

Episode 108 – Late Expectations published on No Comments on Episode 108 – Late Expectations

The 108th episode of Up a Paddle, as posted on June 18th, 2012

This episode I go over E3 in a timely and relevant fashion.

Here are some timely and relevant videos:

Games I’m looking forward to:

Papo & Yo

Unfinished Swan

Watch Dogs

The Last of Us

Ni no Kuni

Here’s a game I’m not looking forward to:
Tomb Raider

Here is the article with the quote I talked about in this episode.  And here is another article that you should definitely read about this game: “On Tomb Raider and Torture”.

And for something a little more cheery, here’s the Video Game Choir with “Escape from the City”

Promotional Consideration Here’s a link to their show in itunes so that you can rate and review their show (positively).

I’ll just put this link to the Up a Paddle podcast right here. Do with it what you will.

Musical Accompaniment

Ultimate Epic Video Game Medley 3rd Strike: Revenge of the Return of the Rise of the Remake of the New Challengers by Insane Ian

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