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Episode 105 – Oh, Smurfberries!

Episode 105 – Oh, Smurfberries! published on No Comments on Episode 105 – Oh, Smurfberries!

The 105th episode of Up a Paddle, as posted on November 1st, 2011

This episode I catch up on the geek news from the past two months and I also review the movie no one was demanding a review for, The Smurfs: In 3D.  It’s more of an overview, really.

Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie RIP

Nintendo 3DS right thumbstick attachment announced
.  Also announced, a game that will use said thumbstick.  The game is scheduled to come out in 2017.

Back to the Future, Part II: The Shoes sold on eBay for charity (Parkinson’s research).  They’re all sold out, so if you want some, you’ll need a Delorean, which you could then trade for the shoes.  Also, apparently the shoes only have a battery live of 4 hours, and not 6 as reported by me.  To distract you from my mistake, enjoy this commercial:

Arrested Development movie no longer in arrested development.

Simpsons voice cast almost make one of my dreams come true.

Funimation and to form Voltron, I mean Funico.

Shonen Jump Alpha re-invents the way you read manga
.  With your eyes.

Speaking of eyes, this next picture is for the Smurfettes out there.  Please enjoy this picture of me “cosplaying” as the smurf from the 1982 classic Colecovision game, “Smurfs: Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle” (picket fence not shown).

I'm bringing Smurfy back

Smurfs: The Movie

I’m not going to link to the trailer, because if you’ve listened to my latest episode, you’ve already been through enough.  Instead, enjoy this much less traumatic video with our little blue buddies, the Smurfs:

Contact Information
If you are so inclined, you can email me at, follow me at or go to and add upapaddle to one of your circles.  No rhombuses, though.  I draw the line at rhombuses.

Promotional Consideration
The promo played was for Eeepers Choice podcast.  Eeeper has been prolific with episode releases lately.  Well, compared to some people, me.  He’s even promised a new episode of the I Heart Sign the 80s podcast.  I’m looking forward to that, since I’m from the 80s.  I hope it’s about the Smurfs.

Musical Accompaniment
The song played was Gargamel by Swing Ding Amigos

Thanks for listening!

Photo credit: Zafer Kurtuluş / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND