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Episode 102 – Dangly Bits

Episode 102 – Dangly Bits published on No Comments on Episode 102 – Dangly Bits

The 102nd episode of Up a Paddle, as posted on February 1st, 2011

It’s the penultimate annual new years episode. Thanks a lot, Mayans.  Anyhoo, I go over my prediction for 2010, make new predictions for 2011, tell you what to look forward to this year, and give out meaningless awards to things I like.  I also provide mini-reviews for Uncharted 2 and No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.

Yes, this episode is more than a little self indulgent.  I apologize for that.


Nintendo 3DS Priced, Dated.  It will also come in a 4D variant.  The 4th dimension is fun. You should visit sometime.

Sony NGP announced, not priced, dated.  It’s like the PSP, but more sensitive, for the hardcore gamer with a heart of gold.  Which they can use to buy one.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 coming next winter. 
Do you l’Cie what I see?  That joke would have worked better if I said, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming next Christmas, but instead, I elected for factualness instead of humorousness.  As usual.

Canadian Penny may be phased out.
  Canadian Inspector Gadget safe for the time being.  Also, when you outlaw pennies only outlaws will have pennies.  Pennies don’t kill people, guns kill people.  Also, pennies dropped from the Empire State Building kill people.

Fractale simulcast stopped until Funimation eliminates all illegal file sharing
. A truly sisyphean task if there ever was one.  Oh, waiit, mission accomplished.  Streaming is back.

Sega Urinal Games in Japan  – I’m hoping it has Pac-Man Championship Edition DX leaderboards.  That way, if you bump someone’s high score, you p*** them off in more way than one.  That was terrible.

Please put on your 3-D glasses now.

Please take off your 3D glasses now.  Please open your air-sickness bag now …

Although I now have the technology (and the power), I still have no idea on how to use it.  But I’ll learn.  Or get bored and watch funny videos on the web. One of the two.

Speaking of which, check out the below video that features my brother, aka The Guy that Does the Bwups at the start of every episode of UAP:

How To Make Choices

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I’m starting to become concerned about the threat that archaelogists pose to our safety.  Perhaps if they put down their guns and picked up shovels …  Nah, whips and fedoras for everyone.

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle

Warning: The preceding trailer contained violence, adult situations and humor that some may find offensive.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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