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Episode 101 – Things for kids to do

Episode 101 – Things for kids to do published on No Comments on Episode 101 – Things for kids to do

The 101st episode of Up a Paddle, as posted on December 24th, 2010.

In this non-holiday related episode I talk about hand socks, Capcom holding consumers by the smurfberries, hunted cities and I review Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands for the PS3.

Smurf’s Village highest grossing game on iTunes.  That is, until Smurfs: Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle 2: Jump Harder comes out.

Live action Bartender.  Didn’t they already kinda make this show and call it Cheers? Nope.  Ok then.

Live Action City Hunter getting wild and tough, but will it have chance and luck?

Pluto movie in the works.  I’m still holding out for a Horace Horsecollar movie.  I’m guessing I’ll be holding it for quite some time.

Videos you should watch
Street Fighter High – The original short

Street Fighter High School Musical – Part 1

Street Fighter High School Musical – Part 2

They need to make a web series centered around Dan.  This is non negotiable.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

The sands may be forgettable, but the prince … is kinda forgettable too.  But you won’t forget the classic POP: Sands of Time gameplay, which this game has in spades.

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Promotional Consideration Given To:
RPG Lamer – Speaking of Game of the Year awards, I’m still waiting on a Final Fantasy XIII review from Jake on his podcast.  I’m assuming that it left him speechless and in awe of how amazing it is (that’s why he hasn’t had a new episode lately).  RPG of the Decade!

Anime Pacific – The foremost authority on cephalopod erotica*. If you’re a sucker for arm suckers, like to cuddle with cuttle-fish, or moll-lust for mollusks, check them out!

Seriously though, congrats go to Alex on the birth of his daughter.

*cephalopod erotica stolen from a tweet by Jake.

Musical Accompaniment
The song played was Born in the Desert by Looker

Thanks for listening and happy holidays!

Photo credit: psygeist / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA