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E3Dictions – 2012 Edition

E3Dictions – 2012 Edition published on No Comments on E3Dictions – 2012 Edition

A blog post on Up a Paddle, as posted on June 4th, 2012

So, it’s about that time again, that is, time to wildly speculate about the upcoming announcements that will be announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  I was going to record this in audio form as part of my next episode, but that probably won’t be out until after the expo, thus rendering my predictions moot.  An episode is on the way, though, so don’t think you are off the hook just yet.  If I have to suffer, so do you.
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Gamecation 2010

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A blog post from August 30th, 2010

Yes, the much vaunted Gamecation 2010 is here.  I’ve taken a week off from work and plan to squander it by playing video games.  A lot.  I plan to finish at least four games within five days.  There are some who said it couldn’t be done (e.g. Donny) but I am set to prove them wrong.  Them being Donny.

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Episode forthcoming

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Hey everyone,

I wasn’t able to get an episode out this month but will have one in the next two days.  I’ve been having some sound issues that I’ve been working out and hopefully everything should now be good to go.    I do have about 3 to 4 episodes written, so I should be soon able to get back on a semi-regular schedule.  I apologize for the wait. 


No episode this week

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There will be no episode of UAP this week as I’ve been sick with a cold.  It’s been a struggle to stay awake, let alone record anything.  Here’s a dramatic re-enactment:

Anyway, I feel bad for breaking up my streak of 11 weeks in a row but I haven’t given up on the whole weekly release schedule yet.  I’ll be back next week at the same Bat time, same Bat channel. 

Puggy Pugsday – Now with Head Tilting Action

Puggy Pugsday – Now with Head Tilting Action published on No Comments on Puggy Pugsday – Now with Head Tilting Action

A silly blog post, as originally posted on September 18th, 2009

EDIT (2013) Apparently the video that was originally posted here was removed from Funny or Die and I don’t remember what it was. Enjoy this video instead:

Pugs are awesome, and the best thing about Pugs is that you can enjoy their crazy antics and shenanigans on any day of the week.

Westies can only wish that they were Pugs

That is all

Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY

Time Keeps Rolling On

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A not so special blog post, as posted on December 1st, 2008

Hey gang, this is just a quick note to say that, no I’m not dead yet and another episode is on the way.  I have some homework to wrap up and then I should be able to record.  The show notes are written though, so it shouldn’t take too long.
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Free Comic Book Day This Saturday

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I forgot to mention this on the latest episode:  Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.  Stop in at your local participating Comic Book shop and get a free comic book.  I’m still trying to decide between Pirates vs Ninjas #1 or the Mickey Mouse Adventures.

Photo credit: ell brown / Foter / CC BY